Each year we like to have a friendly pumpkin carving competition here at Q98.5, but this year we switched things up a bit. Instead of the "hey, let's just all carve something and see who's is the best" thing, we decided to add a little local inspiration for the designs. You be the judge on if it was a good idea or not...

Since we here at Q98.5 are proud to call Rockford our home, we thought it would be fun demonstrate that love with our jack-o-lanterns this Halloween. We came up with a list of carving ideas inspired by Rockford, put them in a cup, and drew which one each of us would be carving.

Here's the full list we had to choose from:

  • Symbol
  • Sock Monkey
  • Rock Men
  • Cheap Trick
  • Q98.5 logo
  • Jane the Dinosaur from Burpee Museum of Natural History
  • Koi fish to represent Anderson Japanese Gardens
  • Hammy from the Rockford Icehogs
  • State Street Bridge
  • Airplane for the Chicago Rockford International Airport
  • Rockford Park District Trolley
  • Coronado Sign


Which ones did each of us draw? Watch and see...




Big thank you to The Pumpkin Patch in Caledonia for providing the 4 beautiful pumpkins! We apologize for their current state. This project turned out to be harder than we predicted. LOL!

Hopefully, your jack-o-lanterns will turn out better than ours did this year. In fact, we challenge you to take on one of these carving ideas and share the pictures to show us how you did!