Parents have a great love affair with Christmas, kids just make it so much better. But there a few things steal just a tiny bit of that holiday joy.

Celebrating Christmas is always a wonderful time, whether you have children of your own or not. I'm just a little biased, as I have 4 children, from age 5 to 18. I love seeing their faces when they open a gift they love. It's mine and my wife's face I hope they don't see, when they open one of those gifts that leads parents down that unwanted path.

The path that leads parents to...

...something that requires a ton of extra work putting together and/or enjoying

...a life filled with a bunch of unwanted noise

...some mess that turns into big cleaning project

We asked what gifts are on parents' what gifts for their kids fall in the unwanted category.



Rockford Parents Reveal Gifts They Never Want You Buy Their Kids





Any type of live animal.


A drum set.

- Lindsey N.



Anything glittery. It looks pretty when it's not all over your floors, your clothes and your hair.

- Gabrielle T.


Design Pics

Anything that requires a lot of batteries.

- Ann R.


Ken Chiu

If it doesn't have an OFF switch, it isn't coming into my house.

- Mallory C.



Nerf guns.

- Paige W.



Dolls that objectify girls.

- Lori B.



Gifts that die. 

-Maggie S.



Musical instruments.

Beth P.


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