Now that school is back in full swing Rockford parents need to be aware of the challenge that's happening between kids called "necking" .

If you're thinking it has something to do with kissing, it doesn't.

ABC7 shares that the "Necking Challenge" is when someone slaps another on the back of the neck and then runs away.

Now a simple tap or light slap may not seem all that harmful, but many kids are getting full force slaps not a light friendly tapping on the back of the neck.

Slapping on the neck at the base of head "can lead to other injuries, and if it’s done with enough force can cause health concerns." (Newsweek)

I don't think kids understand that "it could inflict some type of neck injury, it could be a nerve injury, hitting the base of your head is a dangerous area."

My concern with this challenge, besides possible injury, is that children could become targets and singled out by bullies with the neck slapping game.

One mother in California said her son was a victim of this slapping game several times last year. It happened this year one the afternoon of his first day of school as he was waiting for her to pick him up from school.

This really isn't a cool thing to do to other kids.

It's unfortunate this challenge came out last year on a YouTube video and it seems to be resurfacing again with the beginning of the new school year.





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