Thanks to a donation, Rockford first responders have tools to save animals in need of oxygen and more.


Thanks to donations by a big pet company, first responders now was the tools that can save dogs' lives, just like what happened in Loves Park last month. According to WIFR, paramedics saved a Loves Park family's dog after he was found to have inhaled too much smoke in a fire. Without hesitation, a paramedic used an "made for humans" oxygen mask and saved the canine's life.

Now, because of Invisible Fence Co.'s Project Breathe program, several pet oxygen mask kits were donated to Metro Medical Services, Inc. Paramedics at Metro Med will receive pet first aid and CPR training. In an interview with 23 News, one training officer explained the importance of this new service.

They’re losing enough during a fire with their personal property and stuff like that if we can rescue their cat or dog it just makes them feel a little bit better.

Hopefully, this new program will lead to a happy ending despite the terrible circumstances related to home fires.


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