If you have a dead or dying trees on your property, but just can't afford the expense to cut them down, the city of Rockford is here to help. They're offering a special loan to remove those trees.

WIFR reports that the city is launching a new program to remove dead trees in neighborhoods that present a safety hazzard to residents.

Face removing trees is an expensive job. Rockford's city officials want to help those who earn under $70,000 and just cannot afford to have tree cut down.

How this tree removal loan will work is that "residents will commit to a repayment plan based on the loan amount. Payments will be made over 12 months for $750 loans, 2 years for a $1,500 loan, and a schedule will be negotiated for loans above $1,500 repaid with monthly water bills."

To learn more about the program and to apply for the loan, click here.

This is a great idea. However, free would be better. I get that we can't always get what we want and this loan comes in handy to help ease the expense. I mean at least you don't have to pay the bill all upfront at one time. It can be spread out over time.



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