Sometimes we come in last. Today, not so much. According to, an insurance company named Quote Wizard compiled data from Illinois 50 largest cities. They used information like 120,000 insurance quotes, speeding tickets, DUI's, rate of accidents and number of citations. When they put it all together Rockford ended up doing pretty well.

We ended up being the 7th best city for driving in Illinois. Number 1 was Evanston. The other cities that were just ahead of us were Des Plaines, Arlington Heights, Peoria, Cicero and Joliet. When it comes to Illinois' worst ranked city for driving that award goes to Park Ridge. So has anyone driven through Park Ridge? Is it that bad? When you think of a city you would like to drive in, I'm sure it would consist of motorists that pay attention, stay off their phones, use turn signals and  don't cut you off but I guess I am dreaming on that front.

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