Cute little girl, tons of donuts and awesome teachers, talk about a perfect Friday story right here.

One of my favorite parts of having nieces and nephews in my life is hearing their ideas. Whether they're playing make believe and developing a complicated story or just explaining how their day was at school, it makes me feel very lucky to have them in my life.

I imagine moms and dads feel the same way.

One of those moms, Marissa from Alt Yoga has got to feel the same after sharing this photo and story with us all on Facebook.

LOVE this story so much.

I love that Ada wanted to surprise her teachers with donuts.

I love how Marissa turned that into the entire staff at Rock Cut.

And I love that Dunkin' was so awesome to this little girls and her sweet donut dream.

Hope this warms your heart as much as it warmed mine... now I need a donut!

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