For all the science and math involved in forecasting weather, there is always a group of people who are quick to question a meteorologist's intelligence when weather conditions change. Having had a roommate who is a meteorologist today, I have zero interest in having that gig.

  1. I'm not smart enough.
  2. I don't need any more people telling me I'm wrong.

When do you think meteorologists get the most grief when it comes to their forecast? My guess would be winter if we're specifically talking about our area of the country. Think about it, they tell us a bunch of snow may be coming, and then it dissipates or the storm takes a quick turn in a different direction. The moment this happens Facebook floods with people making comments about "doing their job correctly;y" or "gee, I wish I could be wrong at work all the time and still have my job." It has to be maddening to read comments like that. Do people not realize the math and science involved with "guessing" the weather? Also, as we experience in the northern midwest all the time, the weather can change without a moment's notice. (These are the same people assuming "radio people" show up five minutes before their shift and then leavet the moment we turn off the microphone. (Note: we're not "DJs" anymore, it's a fraction of our actual job.)

Back to the subject of this article, Mark Henderson (chief meteorologist at WIFR) shared a meme that will make anyone with a busted college hoops bracket think twice before calling out meteorologists when the weather changes.

Well played, Mark. Well played. 👏

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