Its getting pretty close to Christmas and time is running low to get your Holiday wish list to Santa. When I was a child we would always write a list for Santa and mail it but technology has come a long way and now there's a new way to do it. has a way your kids can call Santa to let him know what they want for Christmas and if you call from your cell phone, Santa will send you a text so you can listen to what your child wants and even listen to their message.

Santa Claus
Ivan Bliznetsov

This is really unique and could even add a little magic to your family's Christmas.It's really simple, all you have to do is call the number 605-313-4000. On the website it will walk you through the whole process. There are 3 different videos that show you why you should call, another video on how it works and the third video you can even watch the children's reactions. If you would like to find out more before your child makes the call just click here. Or just start by making the call now 605-313-4000. Happy holidays!

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