You gotta love this Rockford kid's imagination.

Over the weekend, we asked a very important question on the 97ZOK Facebook page.

Very important if you're about thirty years old or so and have a soft spot for Jack Dawson.

Could Jack have survived if Rose would've made room for him after the Titanic crashed into the iceberg?

We got a lot of you that said, 'yes' some of you who said they both should've probably died but then, we got Kayla's response.

The minute I read Kayla's response I couldn't stop laughing.

Yes, her kid is right. Paw Patrol solves all of the problems! Of course those puppies would have been able to save 'The Unsinkable' Titanic.

Now all I want is a Titanic themed episode of Paw Patrol, what do you think, Nickelodeon, can you take care of that for me?

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