The Rockford Park District announced some very exciting news today for local figure skaters; Rockford now has it's first high school competitive ice skating team called "Rock the Ice- Team Rockford".

Growing up, I was a rink rat. My brother played ice hockey from age 5 all the way through high school when he played for the Rockford Icemen. Basically, I spent my weekends on ice until I was old enough to stay home on my own while my parents drove my brother all over for hockey games. I did love watching his games, but I often wondered, how come there was never an all school team available for high school age figure skaters like there was for hockey players?

According to a press release issued by the Rockford Park District, this new ice skating team was created in partnership with the Rockford Skating Club to "provide an alternative to area athletes whose talents shine on ice verses any other sport.  This provides a chance for these athletes to grow their skill set and work together as a team.”

Rock the Ice - Team Rockford is coached by Kathy Torrence, and features members from 7 area schools. The team has already competed it's first competition in Park Ridge, IL where one team medaled, so they are off to be a pretty amazing start!


Can't wait to see you in action Team Rockford!


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