So far in 2019, the weather has pretty much sucked in Rockford. In just one month we have seen more snow that we usually see all winter, and I think the City of Rockford has done an amazing job keeping up with the mess and dealing with everything Mother Nature has been throwing at them.

Many in Rockford do not agree with me, and they have been VERY vocal about it.

I get that driving on treacherous roads is beyond frustrating, but it's not like the public works department is just laying in bed and watching us suffer. They are out there battling the elements, and doing the very best they can. Please just consider that before you get behind your keyboard and light them up for circumstances that are really out of their control.

To make sure the community really understands why the roads are in the condition they are, and what the impact of the salt shortage means for us, the City of Rockford issued a series of three FAQ posts on Facebook;




On my way to work this morning I noticed that the City of Rockford has begun throwing sand down, instead of salt, on a lot of the residential roads. You guys, they are trying to make the roads as safe as possible, so please have a little patience and give them some slack until Mother Nature gets her act together again.

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