Ten years ago the Ives family from Rockford stepped through the doors of St. Jude Children's Research Hospital in Memphis with the hope of a cure for their daughter Sydney's terminal brain cancer diagnosis.

Sydney did not receive her cure, but her family did receive much more time with their precious daughter thanks to St. Jude. That is why Sydney's parents, Tasha and Dean, are incredible champions for St. Jude and have dedicated their lives to continuing Sydney's legacy in the best way they know how.

Please become a St. Jude Partner In Hope now in honor of Sydney and all the amazing kids fighting cancer right now at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. Do it in honor of someone you've lost to cancer, or just because you are thankful for the many blessings and healthy children in your life.

You can make your Partner in Hope pledge online, by calling 1-800-372-4999, or by texting "WXXQ" to 785833 and then clicking the link from St. Jude to donate.

Thank you.

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