As I talked about last week, there is a push to increase the speed limit from 70 mph to 75 mph on interstates across Illinois, except in Chicago. 

It turns out that many of you would like to see that increase take place here in Rockford. I asked if you would like to see the increase happen and a good majority of people said yes.

There was some of you who would like to see the speed limit stay the same. That is how I also feel. If we decide to raise the speed limit, people are going to push the envelope further.

Then there was a few of you who said "What is a speed limit"? There was close to 6% of the voters who don't care about the speed limit because they are going to go whatever speed.

We should have a better idea as to if this is going to be a reality or not as they are talking about it in Springfield right now. Whatever they do decide, just remember to always be safe and follow the rules when on the road.


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