A scientific news story is circulating the internet and Snopes.com has not yet refuted it so it must be real. Apparently, scientists want all glitter to be banned. Say what?! Most of the crafters around Rockford use glitter at some point in time and may be contributing to pollution.  (Or not?)

According to scientists, glitter isn't environmentally friendly because it isn't biodegradable. They say the glitter at the bottom of the ocean isn't a good thing. Both arguments make sense but how much glitter is making its way to the ocean? And, IF there were some sort of worldwide ban on glitter three things will happen,

  1. Crafters will be lost (and probably ticked off).
  2. Art teachers will have to come up with something new to do.
  3. Lady Gaga will be furious.

I'm no expert but could the colored sugar grains serve the same purpose? Just don't get the sugarfied-glitter wet.


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