Got a funky shaped crib that a normal crib skirt won't fit? Here's my super simple DIY answer to the "funky crib" dilemma.

I was so excited when I picked out this crib before our first daughter was born. It is pretty and white, and oh, so cost effective with it's attached changing table and drawers that eventually turn into a nightstand.

I still like this crib, but have since discovered that getting regular crib bedding to work with it is a bit of a challenge since one end is completely closed off. Yes, I'm sure there is way to make it work, but my patience is lacking, and making my own custom crib skirt  is always more fun!, and in this case way easier!

All you need to make this ribbon crib skirt are some rolls of ribbon in the colors and widths of your choice, a pair of scissors and some Command hanging strips.

Sounds good, right? Now here's how you do it.



I hope Baby Girl #2 likes bright colors, because her Momma is loving how fun and bright this skirt turned out!

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