More and more people are selling items on Facebook, Craigs List, and etc., but safety comes into question when exchanging items for View Postmoney or other items with strangers. I've done this a few times and tried to pick the best location to make the sale, the location being somewhere with high traffic and only during the day. But, what if there were designated spots throughout Rockford for selling things to strangers?

After looking into it myself I don't believe these spots already exist but if they do, let me know and I'll put together a list.

OfferUp Parking Spot

A Reddit user shared this photo of a sign in a town they were visiting. OfferUp is another online marketplace with an emphasis on personal safety. You can search for items, make offers, even instantly chat with the seller or buyer. The best part of the app is being able to search for a  nearby 'meet up' location.

The comments that followed the shared photo were interesting, too. Some city's police precincts invite online buyers/sellers/trade to do their transactions in their lobby while restaurants welcome the same by posting a sign in their window. Although it doesn't guarantee not being scammed or another risk it certainly does lessen the chances. (There are hundreds of comments on this photo.)

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