Some people take their shopping seriously, especially when it comes to coupons. Don't get between someone and their discounts from coupons. One Chicago Walmart employee did just that and paid the price.

According to, an elderly man tried to use a coupon that was only valid through The old man wasn't having it, in fact, it ticked him off. The old man refused to accept the policy and verbally expressed his feelings.

... the employee said Del Longo “became irate and used foul language” when he was told he couldn’t use his coupon.

Long story short security arrived and escorted the old man was escorted from the store but not without one more incident. On his way out the door, he hit an employee in the face. The employee doesn't think he meant to and there's a good reason why. The senior citizen can't throw a punch instead of throwing the coupon.

The employee believed Del Longo “was trying to throw the coupon at him but actually struck him on the right side of his face”.

The extreme couponer admitted to hitting the employee but said he was trying to throw the coupon in his face. He wasn't charged with assault but was arrested after refusing to sign a ticket for disorderly conduct. He didn't get the deal (or item) he wanted, but he could get jail time instead. All over a 10% off coupon.

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