Could there be some new places to eat and live in Rockford? If there is a business that has their way, the answer is yes.

A business that has chosen not to be named has received a permit to refurbish the old Essex building on Main Street in Rockford and turn it into a 4 story apartment complex, along with restaurants and shops, according to a news report from WIFR TV.

Who is going to be living in these proposed upscale apartments? They are going to be marketed to students who go to the University of Illinois College of Medicine. It sounds like a great idea. But, will something this big be good for that area?

There are some on the city council who think that if something that large comes in and then it flops, the city will be on the hook. They also want to make sure that enough people will take advantage of the living spaces.

There is no timetable on when the project will start or will be finished. The next hurdle for the project will be coming up soon as the city council will vote on it next week.

I am all for better living. Lets hope the rest of the community will be on board.