As Rockford continues to grow and make a comeback, one of the many professions that have benefited are the trades. Whether its new construction or remodeling, a lot of places in the stateline area are getting improvements.

One thing that always delays construction of any kind, is weather. Thanks to a mild winter this year, construction crews all across the stateline have been able to get a good jump on some new projects and catch up on some that were falling behind.

According to WTVO, crews haven't lost one day of work this winter. From the new firehouse for the North Boon Fire District in Poplar Grove to the SwedishAmerican's Women and Children's Tower, the crews have been able to keep on pace and in some cases get back on schedule.

Also, with all the projects starting, many companies will be looking to hire on workers. If you or anyone you know is looking for work and is a skilled tradesmen, now is the time to be applying!

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