This is great news for downtown Rockford restaurants trying to survive with COVID-19 restrictions. See just how the downtown driving will be different.

It's quite a mix of needs when it comes to the many restaurant options around State Street in downtown Rockford. Some restaurants have not outdoor options, so this is a much-needed move from the City of Rockford.

Because of the downtown street closures you can see below, the following restaurants will be able to seat you outside and satisfy your appetite and be COVID-19 compliant.

  • Taco Betty's
  • Sisters Thai Café
  • Office Night Club
  • Abreo
  • Social
  • Vintage 501 Food Truck
  • Wired Café
  • Woodfire
  • CJ's Lounge
  • LiMaMar

I wish there was a way that downtown Rockford could always be like this, with only foot traffic around these restaurants, and tons of outdoor dining.

According to, at 3 p.m. on Friday, June 12, the city is closing down the 200-500 blocks of E. State street, the bridge on State Street and Madison Street between E. State St. and Market Street.

City of Rockford

On Saturday, June 13, the State Street Bridge and Madison Street will reopen, but the 200-500 blocks of E. State will remain closed until Sunday, June 14 at 8 a.m.

City of Rockford

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