I have been in the area for seven months and my car finally met it first pothole in Rockford. It wasn't pretty. 

It was a foggy Saturday morning (By this time I thought we were living in Seattle with never seeing the sun) and I was heading to Peoria to pick up my kids for the weekend.

Google Maps
Google Maps

I was traveling down South Alpine, trying to make sure I can see ahead of myself as the fog was thick. As I was heading up the hill after Sandy Hollow Rd, I needed to merge to left lane to make my way to the on ramp for Bypass 20. When I was making my move, I heard a loud noise and my car shook. At the time, I knew I hit a pothole, but I wasn't expecting the worst. It was next to impossible to see anything in front of me so I was going slower than usual.

The journey continued as I safely made my way to I-39 south. About 10 miles into the drive, my instrument panel lit up and told me my right front tire was low. In fact is what 15 pounds lighter than the rest of my tires. I knew this was not good.

As I start to sweat because there are no exits where I was at till I made it to Rochelle. Luckily, the tire held up till I pulled into a parking lot and saw what happened.

My tire suffered a huge hole in the sidewall. There was no quick fix for that. So, I headed to the nearest tire shop and $120 later, I am back on the road.

When I moved to Rockford, they warned me about the potholes. Now, I am with everyone else who had to fork over money for a tire.


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