Rockford's Public Works Department is asking for our help and it might be the easiest challenge possible.

It's that time of the year again, the time where we all practice dodging potholes without hitting other vehicles.

Rockford Public Works reached out to WIFR to let us know we can call and report potholes 24/7. Crew are currently working diligently to fill up as many holes as possible, but letting them know where holes need to be filled will speed up the process of patching them all.

If you see potholes, report them to us, so we can get them into the system. We rely on people to tell us where they are because we can’t drive on every street of the city every day or every week,” says Mark Stockman with the Public Works Department. (WIFR)

This is our chance to "do something about it" without really doing anything. Let's all report at least two potholes per car ride and our roads should be ... better.

The Public Works Department: (779) 348-7260

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