As if there weren't enough taxes to worry about, now there's another. Will it effect Rockford shoppers?

Think about all the grocery bags someone could use in a year. You get them at grocery stores, retailers, the mall, specialty shops - the list is endless.

Now, imagine getting charged for each bag you're given. Seems silly but it's happening for Illinois' biggest city.

Chicago retailers and grocery stores are adding a little extra to shoppers' bill - and they might not even know why. Worse yet, they might not even notice.

The City of Chicago will soon begin a new bag tax and, according to WGN News, it will be valid for plastic and paper bags. That $.07 tax is an attempt to lessen the amount of bags that end of in landfills.

Less than $.10 a bag might seem small but could add up over time.

WGN says the city will be handing out 25,000 reusable bags throughout Chicago and some stores will hand one free reusable bags to a select number of shoppers.

There's no word on this tax making it's way to Rockford (at least for now) but if you haven't jumped on the reusable bag bandwagon yet - get on board.

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