I hope you didn't burn all your face masks yet, because it looks like they're back "in" again.

I promise I won't go on a face mask tangent here, (although recent events have really got my feathers riled), but I am going to provide some insight on what your children's school districts are considering when it comes to wearing face masks during the upcoming school year.

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WIFR has been working hard compiling a list of where Rockford-area schools and districts stand when it comes to students wearing facemasks during the 2021/2022 school year, and here is what a few of the major ones are saying:

  • Rockford Public Schools - An RPS 205 representative told WIFR; "So far we haven’t officially decided or announced anything. Because we don’t start until Sept. 2, we have more time than some other districts. It sounds like the School Board might discuss masks at the Committee of the whole meeting on Aug. 3."
  • Belvidere School District - A rep told WIFR; "We know there are many concerns about masking. We have yet to make a decision regarding masking. Finalized pandemic-specific information will be sent on August 18, one week before school begins.
  • Hononegah - Students will be required to wear face masks, even if they have been vaccinated.
  • Byron School District - Face masks will be required indoors if students are not vaccinated. All students will be required to wear face masks, regardless of vaccination status, on school buses.
  • Rockton School District - The board met this week to discuss three different face mask guideline options.
  • Oregon School District - All schools will follow CDC mandates to wear face masks indoors.
  • Winnebago School District - Still undecided
  • Pecatonica School District - No official announcement
  • Harlem - Still undecided.
  • Freeport - Still undecided.

If you're wondering about the guidelines in the Rockford area's private schools, please check out WIFR's full list, here.

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