Do you remember that dude who offered a $300 bounty for the return of Portillo's lemon cake. Yes, lemon cake. It's coming back!

A Portillo's fan by the name of Ben posted on Reddit that he was offering a $300 bounty for for anyone with information on how to obtain the Portillos cake recipe. As far as we know, he was unsuccessful, but his campaign received a lot of viral attention thanks to the social media gods and even the corportate overlords at Portillo's took notice.

If you live in the Stateline area, you may have never experienced Portillo's famed lemon cake, since our area is new to the Portillo's experience. In fact, the Rockford and Sycamore Portillos locations have never served the cake, as they were built well after the lemon cake was discontinued. But folks who ventured to the Chicago suburbs a decade ago definitely experienced the awesome lemon cake.

Originally taken off the menu over a decade ago, the Lemon Cake will return to Portillos and be made available by the slice and whole cake from June 13 to July 31, while supplies last.


Okay now that this has been accomplished, I'm still begging Culver's to bring back the fried chicken. One battle at a time!

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