Last year, people went crazy after Portillo's re-introduced their previously discontinued lemon cake. This year, Portillo's would like to see you go crazy all over again.

How big was the lemon cake phenomenon in 2017? After being retired for over a decade, Lemon Cake made its way back onto the Portillo’s menu last year, when a Reddit user put up a $300 bounty for anyone with information on how to obtain the cake recipe. The cake became an overnight sensation for Portillo’s; the brand sold more than 90,000 whole Lemon Cakes or 900,000 cakes slices last summer.

Not wanting to let a viral promotion go to waste, From April 10th through September 10th, customers can purchase the legendary cake in-store at all Portillo’s locations and via delivery through Portillo’s mobile app. You can also ship the Lemon Cake to any location in the United States via Portillo’s online Shop & Ship store($49.99).

Portillo's is even pitching the lemon cake like a late-night informercial:

When picking up your lemon cakes, don't forget your radio friends Riley & Joe (and, by "don't forget," I mean feel free to buy us several, too). It's not just for breakfast anymore.

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