A special night with New York Times best-selling author, Hannah Shaw. The daughter of rock legend, Tommy Shaw, will be here on September 7th.

If you've been to Noah's Ark Animal Sanctuary recently, you've seen how many cats they have available for adoption. How can we be a part of caring for Rockford's overgrown cat population? How can we help save these kittens?

Hannah Shaw (AKA The Kitten Lady), founder of the Orphan Kitten Club and author of Tiny But Mighty, spends her days finding ways to protect animals.

When it comes to kittens, Hannah says it takes a community. When Noah's Ark visits The Steve Shannon Show every Thursday morning, the topic of 'fostering' comes up often. That is one of many ways we can all be a part of saving more of Rockford's kitten population.

Hannah will host two different chats at Rockford University's Regent's Hall on Saturday, September 7. The first one is Saving Kittens Lives and the second one is Community Cats 101.

During these sessions, not only will you be entertained by Hannah Shaw's pics, videos and stories, you'll also discover all the amazing work Noah's Ark does to save and care for our cat population. Plus, what you can do to be a part of it.

Rock n Roll 'Kitten Lady', Hannah Shaw Coming To Rockford
Noah's Ark

For tickets to the 'Kitten lady' event, click HERE.

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