RMTD has made changes to how they pick passengers up and it goes into effect this Saturday.

For those of you who use Rockford's public bus system, this is something you need to know.

WIFR shares that Rockford Mass Transit Department will only be picking up passengers at their designated stops.

You can no longer flag down the bus to pick you up.

Say what?

I didn't know this was even possible.

You can see I obviously don't ride the bus.

However, for those of you who have flagged the bus down in the past, don't be surprised if on Saturday (or after) the bus passes by if you try this.

"RMTD says the change will make route timing more efficient. It says it's determined the safest stops along its 25 routes. Designated stops will be separated by one to three blocks."

To see the bus stops and schedule visit www.rmtd.org





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