IDOT scheduled the iconic Savanna-Sabula Bridge it to be blown up this morning.

Watch it here!

If you've ever driven over the Savanna-Sabula bridge that links Illinois and Iowa over the Mississippi you'll have nothing but memories of it now.

WQAD reported a live feed on their WQAD Facebook page to watch the old bridge, that was built in 1932, to be blown up this morning.

See the video of the live feed below. Skip forward to the 9:00 minute mark, 9:06 is when the action happens.


This bridge that was said to be the "Short Route” between Chicago and Cedar Rapids." Has stood the test of time for over 86 years.

However, the bridge was too skinny for vehicles nowadays. It "was designed during a time when cars and trucks were small and the twenty foot width of the roadway just wasn’t wide enough."

That's why it was demolished.

A new bridge was ordered to be constructed by the U.S. Department of Transportation in 2017 that's just south of where the former bridge stood.

The new, wider bridge was opened this past November, but in February "a safety issue, discovered in February, meant travelers had to take a pause until new work is completed in May."

Here's a last look of of what it was like to drive across the bridge.

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