When Adam LaRoche left the White Sox last month, fans were stunned. Now some very strange details about LaRoche have emerged.

You will recall the controversy that embroiled the former first baseman for the southsiders because the White Sox did not want his his son to come to work with him.

The story gets stranger. A new report by ESPN, details information surrounding LaRoche's decision to retire, but also features a report that says that LaRoche went on an undercover mission to Southeast Asia to assist in the rescue of young girls from the "sex slavery" trade.

The reports goes on to say that LaRoche was joined by Milwaukee Brewers pitcher Blaine Boyer last November on this trip.

The report will appear in the the April 25th edition of ESPN The magazine.

ABC7 reports that:

In the off-season, he had a life-changing experience with a group called The Exodus Road, which rescues young women in Southeast Asia. It was an experience that LaRoche says helped change his outlook on life. After last season, he and another player spent time in Southeast Asia trying to identify and help rescue underage girls who had been kidnapped and were being used as sex slaves.