If you’ve ever dreamed of how your are going to spend your golden years and the big "R" has crossed your mind, you might want to think about living somewhere other than Illinois.Illinois has been named the 19th worst state in the nation to retire in. Yep, were are in the Bottom 40%

The Wallethub website analyzed all 50 states and the District of Columbia and created a list from best to worst.

Among the determining factors:

  • Adjusted cost of living
  • Number of entertainment options per capita
  • Public hospital rankings

Here’s what they had to say about Illinois:

Illinois ranked at #34 on affordability. (You can thank our high state and local taxes for that).#37 on health care. But the good news we ranked at #7 for quality of life

Good news for the state of Wisconsin as it ranks in the Top 20, placing at #18 nationwide.

Here are the Top 5 states to retire:

1. Florida

2. Wyoming

3. South Dakota

4. South Carolina

5. Colorado

Dead last on the list and the state that is considered the worst to retire in is Rhode Island.

The entire report can be viewed here.