When you've finally hit that age, have enough saved up and it's time to retire, it could be time to move.

For us in Illinois, you won't have to go too far to find a perfect place to call home.

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That's because just over the border, in Wisconsin, sits what Travel & Leisure refer to as one of the Best Small Towns to Retire in the U.S.

Up until today, I haven't heard much nor thought a whole lot about Mequon, Wisconsin but apparently, that's the spot to be when you finally retire.

White clapboard house with a white picket fence

Located about 15 miles north of Milwaukee, Mequon, population 3000, sits on the coast of Lake Michigan.

Travel & Leisure:

Open space, farms, and single family residences are spread over the area, and 25 parks and five golf courses offer ways to enjoy the outdoors. Restaurants, shops, and family-friendly events like the Memorial Day parade, Independence Day celebration, Christmas Tree lighting, and farmers' market add to the small town community atmosphere. Annual events include a softball tournament, bingo, carnival rides, car show, and chicken dinner sponsored by the local Lions Club.

If you're trying to save some money on housing though, homes in Mequon could be a bit pricey.

Maria Shteynbuk with Rubins Realty, LLC
Maria Shteynbuk with Rubins Realty, LLC

Looking at the median price of houses for sale in Mequon, Realtor says they are going, on average, for $497,500.

Because the housing market is experiencing a big boom lately, homes are actually selling above that right now at $548,300.

So if you're not interested in dropping big bucks on a home the minute you retire, maybe rent a place or buy a condo?

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