Last night, after a crazy and hectic day, I looked forward to treating myself to a glass of wine as I relaxed in front of the TV watching my favorite Thursday night show "Scandal".

All was perfect until the cork literally broke off in the bottle. UGH!

How do you remove a broken cork from a wine bottle?As you can see in my picture, I choose the option of pushing the cork all the way through. Not the best choice but it worked.

However, to prevent pieces of cork from floating in your bottle or worse yet splashing wine on yourself by forcing it through (which did happen to me) WikiHow offers three options of removing a broken cork from your bottle of wine.

1. The Wood Screw Method

2. The Knife Method

3. The Push Method

If you know of better ways please let me know.

The push method works, but in all honesty if there's a next time of this happening I'm going to make sue I have long wood screws or nails on hand. Straining cork pieces out because of pushing it through isn't the greatest, but it worked.