Hopefully, you were never doing this in the first place. 

A few new laws went into place July 1:

  • A new 19 cent gas tax
  • A $1 cigarette tax
  • A 15% tax on E-Cigerattes
  • Age to buy tobacco raised to 21

But the most important one that will probably affect the most people is the new texting while driving law.

You know you shouldn't have been doing it all along but now you can't even have the excuse of "I was just playing music" or something to that effect.

According to a release from the Illinois Police, they will be cracking down on the law immediately, ESPECIALLY OVER THE HOLIDAY WEEKEND!!!!

If you get caught, you're looking at a minimum of a $75 ticket. Three of those and your license will be suspended.

Be smart. If you have a problem leaving the phone alone just put it in the glovebox. You might save some money and more importantly possibly a life.

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