Cats are a crazy animal, and I say that with the utmost respect and affection.

They can be aloof or lovable, independent or needy, or, in the case of this week's Pet of the Week from Winnebago County Animal Services, extremely sassy and opinionated.

I don't want my previous statement to turn you off to adopting Kristen, I just want you to understand this beautiful cat is certainly unique.

When it comes to explaining Kristen's personality, Amber Pinnon, Adoption and Volunteer Program Coordinator for Winnebago County Animal Services certainly says it best, ( I especially love how she started it 😹);

Do you just love a needy, super clingy cat who loves to be petted and close to you?

Then KEEP LOOKING because Kristen isn't it!

She looks gorgeous with her light calico colors and big yellow eyes... but beware. If she doesn't like what you're doing she will give you a swipe!

Kristen does not like to be opposed. Not being fed on time, or allowed to strut across the living room helping herself to whatever is there can cause a scene.

Kristen is a commanding queen, she will let you know when she is displeased, which is often because things are frequently just not up to her high standards.

There is some warning that Kristen is unhappy with you, her eyes will squint and her tail will move quickly from side to side. We like to call it “SASSY TAIL.”

Kristen likes to be given affection and pets on her terms. She will occasionally greet you for a head scratch on her time. If the pets are not up to her expectations, she will let you know with a swat or nip.

Shhhhh...Promise to keep this on the down low? Kristen does have a secret lovable side... and enjoys a cuddle from time to time. She loves to be involved with what you're doing and to chat with you a bit, she will respond if you talk to her. While she's not a fan of being picked up, likes a pet and head scratch occasionally if she is feeling up to it. She loves taking a nap in a cozy spot, and looking out the window thinking of the world she wishes to rule one day.

And now I'm in trouble for telling her secrets so I have been ordered to say that Kristen believes she was born to be revered by her human servants!

** Kristen is not a cat for the inexperienced or faint hearted. She is a beautiful calico who has terms and conditions to follow if you would like her companionship.**

Are you that one special person for Kristen? Email or call our Adoption Program Coordinator at or 815-319-4127.

Does it sound like Kristen could be your feline soul mate? Fill out an adoption application now at

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