Since we all have to stay home and can meet for an afternoon of fun, how about getting together for some fun, stories, and live music over Zoom?

This could be really fun or a complete disaster (which could be fun to witness) so we're doing it. Lil Zim and I are setting aside an hour or so for a cocktail hour to happen the same way many of our at-home work meetings have taken place. We're doing it on Zoom. I promise it'll be entertaining. How so, you might wonder? We've got live musical acoustic performances lined up, we've got guests, and we'll have our own beverages in hand. Oh, this is a BYODrinks kind of cocktail hour.

If you haven't used Zoom or never even heard of it, here's how it works.

Here's the catch, only 98 people can fit in our "party" so if you're interested you'd better have Zoom ready to go. Saturday afternoon we'll send an app notification through Q98.5's mobile app with the meeting room info. It'll link to this exact article where the info will be listed on the top of the post. The information will only be visible until the start of the cocktail hour at 4 PM. Let us know if you'd like to a part of this (attempted) party.

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