If your heart melts every time you meet a cool and handsome fella, then be warned, it may be love at first sight when you meet Slade.

Slade is a 4-year-old male medium-haired Tabby cat who came  to the shelter as a stray. He arrived with an infected shoulder injury that has been treated and is healing nicely, but it has left Slade feeling a little cautious of new surroundings.

Shelter staff Slade is super playful, even if he does come off a little shy at first.



Please consider adopting this handsome guy for $40 today at Winnebago County Animal Services. Something this sweet deserves to be cuddled for a lifetime.

I like to call this Slade's "Pretty please adopt me face". Totally pulls at the ole heart strings huh? You're welcome. Lol.


Winnebago County Animal Services