Those lovable losers are just under three months away from the 2015 season opener and a major sports publication is predicting the unthinkable:

The Chicago Cubs will win the world series in 2015!

The Sporting News on-line publication made this bold prediction and it's not just because of the "Back to the Future 2" reference when the Cubs were a 100-1 shot, and Marty McFly got the idea to go back in time and bet on sports results for which he already knew the outcome.

So this begs the questions: Can you really jinx a team that has finished in fifth place for five straight years?

Sporting news' Jesse Spector explains:

Joe Maddon's arrival, Lester's arrival, Kris Bryant's long-awaited debut, pitching depth, etc. - it's not clear why they believe the Cubs can jump from a 73-89 team all the way to the top team in Major League Baseball.

Sporting news explains that

With the Cubs’ bountiful farm system, combined with savvy trades, is starting to bear fruit for the lineup. First baseman Anthony Rizzo (acquired from the Padres when he was 22) and home-grown shortstop Starlin Castro are the cornerstones of the lineup, both legitimate stars entering their age-25 seasons. The fact that the Cubs were able to get significant action in the major leagues last year for Arismendy Alcantara, Jorge Soler and Javier Baez will help those players settle into their first full big-league campaigns. Eventually, Kris Bryant will be along as well.

The Chicago Cubs will host the St. Louis Cardinals in the Sunday night major league opener on April 5th.

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