I love the warmer temperatures in Winter, but hate the side effect: THOSE DREADED POTHOLES!!

Yep, when you go from Cold temperatures (like the -20 degree weather we has last week) to 41 degrees today, the result is POTHOLES!  I almost got swallowed up by one today while traveling Southbound on Roxbury Dr (Just south of  Rockford Ortho)

So where are some of the bad ones:  here's what you had to say:

Kelly: I was driving down Perryville, near Menards yesterday and a pickup kept swerving into my lane, thought the person was on a cell phone, realized they were avoiding potholes!! Not good!

TARA:  Rt 72 between Stillman and Davis Junction is horrible !

JENNIFER: Forest hills and riverside nearly swallowed my tire

KATRINA: There is a huge sink hole on Auburn and Central!! Its all blocked off by barricades!! Yikes!!!!!!

So, tell me, where are the worst potholes you have had the unfortunate task of encountering?

The City Of Rockford has a webpage devoted for the sole purpose of reporting potholes: Click here to report at pothole

Travel safely!