Tristin Budzyn-Barker is a teen from Poplar Grove, Illinois who was recently at an airport in California when he found, as he says, "Thor's wallet." Instead of keeping it and bragging to all his friends and family, Tristin did what any good person should do, he returned it, and was rewarded big time in return for his honesty.

Tristin, I am so very impressed by you. Not only are you an awesome young man, but how in the heck did you keep it together so well when sitting with Chris Hemsworth and Ellen Degeneres?!? I would have been a blabbering, beet-red fool!


Way to go Tristin, and congratulations on making Eagle Scout! (If it hasn't happened yet, I know it will soon!) Thank you for being such an awesome inspiration for our nation's youth, and showing that honesty really does pay off!