The two biggest things that have me wanting to pull my hair out during this COVID-19 quarantine is the endlessly frustrating search for toilet paper, and thinking about how much my kids are missing out on by being out of school.

My oldest daughter is in Kindergarten, and the one thing shemisses the most about not being in school is her teacher. Of course she misses playing with her friends, but the one thing she says most is "I miss my teacher". It breaks my heart.

That is exactly why I love this story from WIFR about what teachers from Poplar Grove Elementary School did for their students on Tuesday...

I know a huge undertaking like this is not possible for all schools in the Stateline, especially in the Rockford Public Schools District, but I think that all these Poplar Grove teachers deserve a huge round of applause for taking the time to put smiles on their students' faces.

I don't know about your kids, but mine may still be enjoying this majorly extended spring break, but I am beginning to see the signs of struggling with sheltering in place. They are moodier, they are having problems sleeping, and it is becoming increasingly harder to keep them entertained.

Hang in there parents, we WILL get through this...together.

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