Is this Illinois' running of the bulls?

Or a case of bulls run wild?

Illinois police are warning residents of bulls running loose.

It's not everyday police get a call of a bull running loose in a neighborhood, but that's exactly what happened in this Illinois town of Edwardsville just 4 hours south of Rockford.

Bellville News-Democrat posted a picture of this brown adult bull that was found running loose early this Monday morning.

Who's bull is this?

Right now, the bull is in "the fenced yard of a private residence." It "was the best the Edwardsville Police could do to protect the animal while they figured out where it should be."

This is the second time in about 4 days that a bull, presumably the one in custody now, has been sighted and evaded capture by police.The Caseyville police spotted a bull on Thursday and chased it on foot until it evaded their pursuit.

Now that the bull has been taken into their makeshift custody, Edwardsville Police asks that if anyone [has] information about the bull [to] can call the Edwardsville Police Department at 618-656-2131.

Wow! That's strange how could a farmer not notice that their bull is missing.

What is the scoop on this mischievous bull running loose?

Where did this guy come from and where is he heading to?

A good story could be written about him.

Is Disney paying attention to this?

This all makes for another great animated movie.







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