Officers believe this one change could make their job even more of a challenge. They aren't the only public departments disagreeing with this idea.

Illinois State Rep. Allen Skillicorn (R) of East Dundee has proposed that would save the state money while not saving a drivers money and even costing jobs. The bill calls for cars, trucks, and vans to only have one license plate instead of two. The single plate would be placed on the rear of the vehicle. Illinois law enforcement groups do not support this proposition.

The Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police told State Journal-Register (SJ-R) the change would only make their jobs more difficult. "It would make it much more difficult to identify people who violate the law," adding they (police) don't need any more restrictions. The Illinois Tollway Authority also disapproves of the proposal, says Senior Communications Manager Dan Rozek to SJ-R.

The loss of the front plate would disrupt the technology used by the Tollway to collect tolls, which often relies on matching the front plate with the rear plate to identify a vehicle.

The reason for issuing only one license plate to Illinois car, trucks, and vans is to save the state $800,000. It may seem like a good idea but when reading the small print you quickly learn this will mean job cuts for the factory that makes the license plates. Many of the employees that produce the plates are of special needs. Factor that in with the risks involved in vehicles not having a front plate, in the scheme of things, is $800,000 really THAT much money? The Illinois Associate Chiefs of Police says no.

We don’t often comment on policy issues that are raised as a way of saving money. In this case, the amount of money to be saved is so small. When you look at the benefits of having a front plate, this is a pretty ridiculous way of saving money.

Another department within Illinois that doesn't support this proposed bill is the Secretary of State's office. shared an official statement sent to House Bill 1623.

The secretary of state joins law enforcement in opposition to this legislation based on the public safety concerns voiced by the law enforcement groups.

The House needs to thoroughly review the details of this bill with consideration of the CONS that would quickly follow. If you do not support House Bill 1623 contact your State Rep and tell him/her.

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