No, Boone County Sheriff's Department and other Illinois authorities don't want to scroll through your phone, they just don't want you using it while you're driving. In fact, if they spot you using it prepare to post about getting a ticket on Facebook shortly after.

This is the week is the second year for Illinois Distracted Driving Awareness Week, Police in Illinois are collectively looking for people that are engaged in distracted driving. Last year almost 20,000 warnings and citations were issued for distracted driving offenses.

Violating Illinois’s distracted driving laws can be costly. Know before you go. In Illinois:
• Law prohibits all drivers from texting and driving
• Law prohibits all drivers from using a hand-held phone while driving
• Law prohibits all teen drivers from using a cell phone while driving

Illinois Distracted Driving Laws

Illinois law prohibits the use of hand-held cellphones, texting or using other electronic communications while operating a motor vehicle. Hands-free devices or Blue Tooth technology is allowed for persons age 19 and older.

Even using hands-free technology is considered a distraction while driving and can be dangerous. If you must make a phone call, even with hands-free technology, it is recommended that you pull off to the side of the road before making the call.

The only time Illinois drivers can use a cell phone that is not hands free is:

  • To report an emergency situation.
  • While parked on the shoulder of a roadway.
  • While stopped due to normal traffic being obstructed and the vehicle is in neutral or park.

Drivers who are in a crash resulting from distracted driving may face criminal penalties and incarceration.

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