I promise you'll make this every Christmas for the rest of your days.

Not to be morbid or anything, this fudge is just that good.

Now let me preface this recipe by telling you that this year... Christmas season 2019... was the very first time I screwed up a batch of this fudge.

I've been making it for at least 14 years and this year I put the chocolate in the pot before I boiled the sugar, milk, vanilla and butter.

IT WAS NOT GOOD. I still have it in my parents' fridge because I'm trying to figure out how to revive the grainy fudge and turn it into something else.

I did manage to make a new version about five minutes later so there's still packages of fudge in my fridge for delivery, but I wanted you to use my story as a reminder to always read a recipe even if you've been making it for half of your life.

I'll tell you another secret... if you Google "Michelle Abraham fudge" you'll get the recipe because once I thought I was going to be a chef or a baker and the Daily Herald interviewed me about my fudge.

Ok, remember, don't add the chocolate until AFTER you boil the first ingredients. Also I usually don't add nuts, but if you want to, try pecans, it's delicious!

Double also... when I took that picture I added M&Ms... duh. Add whatever when you've got the fudge solidifying in your pan, but don't mess with it until the science part is done.

Super Simple Fudge (use the largest pan you have)

  • 1 12 oz pkg semi-sweet chocolate chips
  • 1 12 oz pkg milk chocolate chips
  • 2 squares unsweetened chocolate
  • 1 cup butter
  • 4 cups sugar
  • 25 large marshmallows
  • 1 tsp vanilla
  • 1 cup milk
  • 1 cup nuts (optional)
  •  Mix sugar, milk, vanilla and butter in saucepan. Boil 2 minutes. Turn heat off, add marshmallows, stir. Add chocolate, stir. Add nuts. Store in refrigerator until solid.

I know why I messed this up... because the ingredients aren't in order. I won't blame my mom, but I will tell you she's the one who wrote the recipe down on a note card in her recipe book.

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