A Wisconsin based Pizzeria is hoping to make a home in Rockford, but they need help.

They're looking for someone to partner with them to make it happen.

Roman Candle Pizza, according to the Rockford Register Star, is looking to bring their franchise to Rockford. In particular, the downtown area.

Brewer Stouffer, owner and founder of Roman Candle Pizza, said that “It would be super exciting for us to partner with someone from Rockford who knows the Rockford neighborhoods and understands the peculiarities of that market,......I love Rockford. I think the downtown is beautiful. A place like Rockford could support at least two Roman Candles.”

Now if you're about to say "Oh no another pizza joint!" just hang on a minute. Roman Candle pizza isn't just any old pizza place. Stouffer says that his restaurants are all about making the best pizza with the freshest ingredients. It isn't about cranking out the pies as fast and as cheap as they can.

He says that their dough for the crust is made in a two day process with "unbromated flour — flour that hasn’t been purified with radiation. It doesn’t last as long and costs a little more, but, as Stouffer says, it’s “dough you can feed to your baby and feel good about it.”

Also, he says they use the freshest ingredients by purchasing from local growers in the area and using their fresh vegetables.

Also, the restaurants do not "cook with any trans fats, and, yet, we are delicious.”

He wants customers to have an experience when eating his pizzas.

Hmmm... sounds pretty tasty, don't you agree. Now if he could just find someone to hook up with and bring his fabulous pizza to the Forest City.

Just think you, or whomever, hooks up with Stouffers Roman Candle Pizza, will be joining the other four restaurants he's already established in both Madison and Milwaukee. That's pretty cool.

To find out more information or to become a potential franchisee, click here.