We can all breath a sigh of relief. The Perryville Road bridge will open this Friday, finally!

WREX reports that the bridge will be celebrated with a "ribbon cutting ceremony by Winnebago County at 11 a.m. this Friday morning at the north side of the bridge (south of Harrison Avenue)."

HALLELUJAH! Can I get a big AMEN!

It seemed like it would never open. Don't you agree?

I drive Mulford Road everyday to work and since the closing of the Perryville between Harrison Ave. and Linden Road, it's been nothing but a constant snarl of slow traffic every morning and evening as everyone is trying to find their way around that closed section of road.

This makes me so happy. No more stop and go traffic Between Sandy Hollow and Linden as we all try to get through the 4 way stop.

Whew! A light is truly at the end of the tunnel! YEAH!



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