Remember 2019? It seems like ages ago. There was a time when we thought Daylight Saving Time would change for the entire state.

Well, when the Illinois Senate approved the bill back in late 2019, we all thought "hooray more daylight." Alright, maybe it was just me.

Then the pandemic hit America and made it's way to Illinois and next thing you know, no one is talking about the bill.

Maybe it's because we had other more important things on our mind because after all, that makes total sense.

On the other hand, it might be because the bill that got passed by the Illinois Senate got stonewalled by the House and has been kind of just sitting there for the past four months.

From March, Herald-Whig:

The bill appears to be stalled as no action has taken place in the General Assembly this year...Even if the bill was approved by the House and signed into law, it could not take effect without approval from the federal government.

There has been no chatter regarding the Daylight Saving bill in months. Just a thought, if Illinois did pass the Daylight Saving bill, when traveling to Wisconsin, would we officially enter into a different time zone? Because that would be really weird.

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