Saturday is Valentine's Day, are you ready yet? If not, no worries! Here's some quick, inexpensive, and fun things to try this Valentine's Day.

I'll admit it, Valentine's Day is a pain in the rear. You drive yourself crazy trying to find the "perfect" gift for your love, or you get depressed because you don't have a sweetheart to share the day with. Combine that with the task of coming up with and forcing your child to sign a whole bunch of Valentine's day cards for the kids at school, and what you have is one big pain in the neck. Thing is, it doesn't have to be. We can't avoid February 14 on the calendar, so let's find a way to have fun with it!

Don't have a sweetheart? Who cares! You've got family and friends you love, right?

Hate spending money on things that get thrown away 5 minutes after they are received? Save money, and create something out of the ordinary.

Here's some fun things I came across to get you started...

First, you need to set the mood:

Now, get your creative juices flowing and make some of these unique Valentines:

For your love's sweet side:

Hope your Valentine's Day is filled with many X's and O's!